Durable access around your property


Unlike building wooden steps, construction of concrete steps should be left to the professionals! Concrete steps will end up perfectly square and sturdy, and will maintain their form for a long time. Our team can also advise on a handrail to suit your staircase. Concrete stairs are very low maintenance and will last for years, so are suitable for high-traffic areas.


Constructing stairs from concrete is a sound option when compared with wood - primarily for the superior durability of concrete. Once installed, concrete stairs will stand the test of time. Also, concrete can be texturised to ensure good grip for the user, increasing the safety of your outdoor areas. Need to add concrete stairs around a corner? No worries. As concrete is easy to work with, stairs can be created around certain obstacles and tie in nicely where required. Talk to our professionals at Concreting Toowoomba for more information.


Concrete stairs are the best material to combat the wet weather in the winter, and concrete path can be easily installed and provide dependable access around your property when things do turn damp. The design of concrete paths can be easily crafted to suit your needs, including the addition of stairs or drains. Existing concrete paths can also settle and deform over time, so our team can provide concrete relevelling and repair to get your path back into shape.


Why should you construct a path out of concrete when there are a number of other cheaper materials that will 'do the job'? They will not last like concrete. With the correct preparation and installation of a concrete path, you will not see degradation for decades. Concrete is also a very workable material, therefore all concrete path shapes that you dream up will likely be achievable. Concrete surfacing also provides good grip for users, increasing the safety of your outdoor areas.


​Based in Toowooma metro area, we are able to travel to within 20km of our yard. If you are after a quotation of your job, we'd be happy to duck out and have a walk around with you.


Increase kerb appeal, keep your tyres dry in winter, or just increase the value of your property - a new concrete driveway is an asset

An unused space outside? Can't use it in the winter because it is muddy? A concrete patio is easy to install and looks fantastic

Big or small, short or tall, we are happy to work with you to build the sturdy concrete creation you are after