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Although concrete is a very strong and durable material, significant loads and / or extreme climate conditions can cause damage. Fortunately, concrete can be reasonably easy to repair and tie-in with existing concrete, avoiding creating an eyesore. Concreting Toowoomba offers all concrete repair services that will be required to fix residential and commercial concrete issues. Our concrete repairs are affordable and quick, and will get your concrete back on track in no time. Unfortunately, concrete doesn’t heal once significant cracking has occurred, so it’s best you address the issue before long – call us now!

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    Concrete can be damaged by excessive loadings – too heavy, or too frequently trafficked. This will cause the concrete to fracture, before parts of the concrete start breaking out and the problem worsens. At this stage, water can penetrate into the reinforcing mesh in concrete, causing corrosion and degradation. This speeds up damage to your concreted area, and makes the concrete weak. Extreme heating and cooling can cause concreted areas to expand and shrink, again, causing minor cracking in the concrete. Sealers can be applied to this concrete, preventing moisture entering into the concrete slab


    If the underside of a concrete slab was not prepared properly, weight of the concrete and / or erosion under the slab can cause the supporting material to become unlevel – cracking the above slab as it deforms. An unlevel surface can also be a to those using it. Concreting Toowoomba can easily remedy these areas of unlevel concrete using a number of techniques. Area of concrete are lifted into their original position, then concrete slurry is pumped into the void. This supports concrete slab in its original position. This remediation is affordable and quick, and prevents the need for breaking out the concrete area and replacing it. This works effectively for driveways and concrete patios


    Concreting Toowoomba specialise in residential concrete repairs, from cracking to recolouring to concrete sealing. If not sealed every other year, concrete will degrade prematurely and incur large costs to repair once damaged. We can offer assistance on fixing all other concrete areas and structures, including concrete patios, concrete retaining walls, and concrete paths


    Damaged concrete on a commercial property is certainly considered a liability, and also a health and safety concern. Especially if this concrete is in a highly trafficked area, remediation is best done sooner than later. From a customers perspective, unmaintained concrete areas are also indicative of your approach to keeping things in order, so may have a detrimental impact on your business appeal


    When in a shaded, moist area, concrete begin to develop mould, causing surface to become unsightly. This will require pressure washing to remove, and possibly and application of a protective coating to increase the amount of time before regrowth of the mould occurs. Once cleaned and coated, concrete is then very easy to maintain, as there is no further maintenance required!


    Based in Toowooma metro area, we are able to travel to within 20km of our yard. If you are after a quotation of your job, we’d be happy to duck out and have a walk around with you. Areas where our customers frequently call us to are:
    • – Rangeville
    • – Mount Lofty
    • – Westbrook
    • – South Toowoomba
    • – Kearneys Spring
    Increase kerb appeal, keep your tyres dry in winter, or just increase the value of your property – a new concrete driveway is an asset
    An unused space outside? Can’t use it in the winter because it is muddy? A concrete patio is easy to install and looks fantastic
    Big or small, short or tall, we are happy to work with you to build the sturdy concrete creation you are after