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Why not make better use of your outdoor area? A cost-effective way to increase your usable area in your home is by adding a concrete patio. The firm surface will provide a great place to utilise year-round and continue to look good for years. Patios can range in sizes, from a small residential placement to a large commercial application. As this area will likely be visible from your home, we encourage Customers to check out our concrete stamping and concrete finish options that will add that professional touch.


Concreting Toowoomba can design you the perfect concrete patio and have it installed by our concreting professionals. Whether it’s to create a new outdoor dining area, or a place to wash the bikes down, a concrete patio is a great addition to any home. Compare to a deck made of timber, a durable concrete patio will not begin to rot after a decade, and need panels replaced. In terms of aesthetics, there is a lot of flexibility with concrete and the type of finishing, so don’t be worried that a new concrete patio will look out-of-place. As preparation and construction of a concrete patio is reasonably simple, final construction costs are comparable to a standard wooden deck.


A well-constructed patio will last longer than 50 years with very little maintenance, so installing one at your property is certainly an investment. The correct preparation of the area prior to pouring a concrete patio is very important, as it will determine how well the concrete is supported over its lifetime. If there is settlement under a patio, it may become unlevel and crack. Concreting Toowoomba can help relevel any concrete patios and remediate cracking. Concrete sealing is also advised, as this will prevent water penetration, leading to a longer lifetime of your concrete.


When in a shaded, moist area, concrete begin to develop mould, causing surface to become unsightly. This will require pressure washing to remove, and possibly and application of a protective coating to increase the amount of time before regrowth of the mould occurs. Once cleaned and coated, concrete is then very easy to maintain, as there is no further maintenance required!


Based in Toowooma metro area, we are able to travel to within 20km of our yard. If you are after a quotation of your job, we’d be happy to duck out and have a walk around with you.

Areas where we service:

  • – Rangeville
  • – Mount Lofty
  • – Westbrook
  • – South Toowoomba
  • – Kearneys Spring


Increase kerb appeal, keep your tyres dry in winter, or just increase the value of your property – a new concrete driveway is an asset

Concrete Patio

An unused space outside? Can’t use it in the winter because it is muddy? A concrete patio is easy to install and looks fantastic


Big or small, short or tall, we are happy to work with you to build the sturdy concrete creation you are after